Kiddie Jollof Festival

Beta Malt Ghana – Social Media Marketing and Events

The Overview

Beta Malt, a popular malt drink brand, had been struggling with positioning itself in the right niche. Despite its fast penetration into the Ghanaian market, it was considered a “child’s brand”. So when they came to us, we took that narrative and turned it into a niche for the brand, we owned that label.

The Ask (objectives/outcomes)

The launch of Beta Malt’s 2021 Annual Thematic Campaign; Like Mummy Like Me meant creating more brand assets that allowed Beta Malt to own the “child’s brand” narrative even better.

Our Inspiration

What was a way to get our primary target audience excited about the brand? We dug deep into what excites young champs (children ages 9 to 12) and found 2 key interesting insights. Food and fun! And we sought to make these two words synonymous with the brand. A fun activity that gave our core audience a platform to get creative with the continent’s most popular meal, Jollof and have their biggest cheerleaders cheer them on as they made history. The Beta Malt Kiddie Jollof Festival was birthed.

The Process

The first big task was accessing a demographic that had no social media presence on social media.

Our teaser game was as strong as kelewele cravings at 3 am.

Kids between ages 9 and 12 had zero presence on socials but we knew exactly whom to target online to get through to them, the ‘rents! All comms targeted parents, aunts and uncles or people who could potentially come into contact with these little champs.

We used the combined forces of social to first, start a Jollof conversation and when we had awoken enough cravings for Jollof, we announced the maiden edition of the Beta Malt Kiddie Jollof Festival. In days, sign-ups on a special microsite created for the event were in the 100s.

The Results

An engaging social media and on-ground event execution fostering good relations and promoting culinary skills in a competitive way amongst kids.

The Feedback

Here’s what the client had to say: